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Roger Garin-Michaud's Family pictures

les photos de famille de Roger Garin-Michaud

last updated June 5th, 2000

a picture of the five of us at Canberra (Australia) in 1991

September 1998 at Saint-Priest near Lyon France

back-row left to right, standing, Roger (me), Sheila (living in Toronto, Canada), Mary-Agnes, Edith (my wife)

sitting middle row left to right : my three sons : Atisha, Ashoka, Ananda

front row : Davina and Delila (Daniel and Olive's children, not on picture)

at Geneva, Switzerland, April 1999

left, from tallest to smallest : Ananda, Atisha, Ashoka

middle back Edith and myself

right : my good friend Thubten Nyandack and his wife Danielle, both are living at Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh of India

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